Hi Travel Girls!

My name's Olia, I'm 23, I'm from Kiev, Ukraine and I want to share one life hack with you. Ever since I was in high school I was fascinated with other countries. I was wondering how their cuisine tastes and how do these people live every day. I wanted to see all the european capitals with my own eyes, dreamt of what it would be like to drive thru the US from one ocean to another. I wanted to know how does it feel to lie on the beach on Maldives and how does coala's fur feel to the touch. Alas my dreams were re mained only dreams since my family wasn't all that wealthy to support me in my travels and neither was I. It looked like the only Europe I was ever going to see was on YouTube in travel blogs. Same as the US and all the islands. Then out of the blue sky... My roommate from the university called me and invited to a cup of coffee. We haven't seen each other since graduating from university so I was really glad we could meet. When I entered the cafe, I couldn't find Natalie there. There was some fashion model from a Vogue or Cosmo covers. I was stunned..

Natalie told me she's just arrived from Milan, where she spent a week, and now she was going to Monaco.

  • Holy Jesus Christ - I said to myself - that's exactly what I was dreaming about!
  • But it's so expensive - the flights, hotels - you need a lot of money for all that, Where do you get them? Now Natalie amazed me once again:
  • it costs me nothing, sweetie. My client pays for everything.
  • What do you mean? Who's that client of yours?
  • The one who invited me to Monaco.
  • As who?
  • As an image model, silly. I will accompany him on parties, yacht voyages and will add to his image of a successful businessman.
  • And that's all?
  • and that's all, in addition to memories, impressions, travel and accommodation savings, competitive salary and mind blowing pics in Instagram. By the way, that's the reason I called you - do you want to go to Maldives?
  • to Maldives! You bet!

That's how I ended up on Maldives, fulfilling my child hood dream. The phots really busted my Instagram, I still can't believe it!

Now I want to share a secret with you. I managed to reach my dream with travelgirls24.com